Builder of bikes and Salt racer.


Cliff, the man, the myth!!


My name is Cliff, an American living in Australia. I have a wife, also American, her name is Nona. On our first date I picked her up on a motorcycle, much to her Mother's dismay. That was over 45 years ago and just like Nona, motorcycles are still a major part of my life.

I have worked in the industry since the year we married, 1976. I swept floors and put out the trash and LEARNED!!!!! I got my ticket and never looked back. Today I am an industry respected machinic and technician throughout the world.

I love building bikes!!! I think that's what I love most, except for my wife Nona of course. I also like riding bikes. Oh, and making them go really fast, like world record fast, well you have to admit.......that's pretty cool!

But a man can only build so many bikes for himself, you know, you just start running out of garage space, or the Missus looks at you one day and you know it's time to stop.

So that is where AMS comes into the picture.  I have built bikes for me, I have built bikes for friends, I have built bikes for mates of mates, I have built bikes for racers and for the everyday rider. I have even built Nona a bike. I have built them to cruise and built them to break world records. I have built them pretty (Nona's term) and I have built them mean.

Now let's build one for you!!!

Let's talk!!

And yes, Nona wrote this!!